There's never been a better time.


With consumer trust in New Zealand riding high around the world, there's never been a better time to carry the FernMark Licence logo on your brand or products - and we would love to help you do it.

Driving preference for New Zealand products around the globe

The FernMark Licence Programme helps promote and protect New Zealand products and services on a global scale. The Programme gives Licensees the right to carry the FernMark, a trademark that is used by New Zealand government departments across the world.
The FernMark represents the story of who we are and where we're from, our New Zealand Story. It's a symbol people recognise and trust - a trademark that embodies our values of Pōtikitanga, Manaaki, Tiaki, and Pono - the values of our New Zealand Story.
Any export business that meets the eligibility criteria of the Programme can display the FernMark on their product packaging and marketing collateral to help drive preference for New Zealand products in offshore markets. 


Promoting Trust and Authenticity

Consumers around the globe want to know that when they buy a premium product, they can trust it is authentic. The FernMark, as a trademark officially recognised and endorsed by the New Zealand Government, is a mark of trust that communicates a product's country of origin and connection to New Zealand.

Carrying the FernMark on a product, together with a unique Licence number, makes it easy for consumers to verify its authenticity, which helps us better promote and protect New Zealand branded products on a global scale.

This marketing approach means we can build the New Zealand brand through individual excellence and collective storytelling, as well as building consumer confidence and driving preference for New Zealand products and services around the world.


Why become a FernMark Licensee?


    Gives your products instant country of origin recognition


    Leverages our nation's brand and great reputation


    Gives consumers confidence they're buying products with a government tick of approval


    Provides government recognition of a product's connection to New Zealand


    Delivers a consistent brand story to consumers worldwide


    Provides a layer of legal protection to ensure brand integrity across 13 key export markets


    Promotes trust and authenticity



How to join the Programme

Any business wanting to be part of the Programme needs to meet the eligibility criteria and submit an online application together with a schedule of products they want to licence. All applications are audited by the NZ Story Group to ensure each licensed product is 'born of New Zealand'. Successful applications are then given access to the Marketing Toolkit, together with a Certificate of Recognition.


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