Promoting provenance to grow export success

New Zealand depends on its great reputation to thrive in key export markets. So being able to authenticate and promote your country of origin gives your business a real competitive advantage in markets where provenance is a key driver in purchasing behaviour.
How a nation is perceived outside its borders is critical to its success
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Consumers are wanting to know the story behind the product
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Country of origin is an increasingly important driver of consumer choice
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A licence to bear the FernMark is a formal government recognition of your product’s connection to New Zealand and clearly communicates your country of origin to consumers around the globe. Displaying your Licence number alongside the FernMark logo provides an additional layer of credibility and strengthens consumer confidence in your products.


As consumer demand for trusted products increases, so too do the efforts of non-licence holders to capitalise on the FernMark’s great reputation and brand value.

To protect our national symbol, the FernMark now has trademark protection in 23 countries across various key classes of goods and services (including all 45 classes in New Zealand) and, as such, offers a high level of IP protection in key export markets including Australia, Europe, China, Japan, US and the UK.

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To make sure we protect the integrity of the FernMark, the Programme employs a number of global monitoring and legal services.

    Corsearch™ monitors over 800 online trading and social media sites to identify any unlicensed or misuse of the FernMark. That way, when a consumer sees the FernMark, they can be sure they are buying a product that’s genuinely of New Zealand.


    The New Zealand Story Group employs global monitoring and brand protection services to identify trademarks that might infringe the FernMark and will enforce its rights when necessary. We regularly oppose third party trademark applications that infringe or contain the FernMark.


    The ongoing administration and costs to register and maintain our portfolio of trademarks relating to the FernMark are managed by the New Zealand Story Group.


    Any export business that meets the eligibility criteria can apply online and submit a schedule of products they want to be licensed
    Once accepted, a Licence Agreement is issued for a 12-month term
    The Licensee is provided with a unique Licence number together with access to the marketing toolkit
    When consumers see the FernMark on a product, they can easily verify its connection to New Zealand simply by entering the unique Licence number via
    Here they will access to information about the Licensee and their products, together with a short NZ Story video that brings to life the Kiwi attributes that make us unique and promotes the values we hold as a country.
    This page will include a Social links including WeChat to promote product advocacy and social sharing


To leverage the high uptake and demand for QR code verification in our key export markets – South East Asia in particular - we give Licensees the option to include a QR code alongside the logo. Displaying it on your products gives consumers a quick and easy way to verify your products. When scanned, this takes the consumer directly to your dedicated webpage, where they can confirm the authenticity of your Licensee status and licensed products.


The technology is provided by Trust Codes and includes access to a dashboard to track all QR code interactions.


All licensees are given access to the FernMark Licence Programme marketing toolkit, which includes:

    Your own online Licensee profile that consumers see when verifying your products


    Key messages about the FernMark Licence Programme that you can share with your stakeholders, distributors and internal staff


    Guidance around the application of the logo to ensure brand consistency across all types of packaging


    Guidance of using an optional QR code alongside the logo

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