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This trademark symbol is the international symbol of New Zealand and represents a mark of trust to our consumers around the globe. Learn more


FernMark Licence No. 100092

Ctomi is a world class manufacturer of unique and effective supplement and skincare products that help to enhance the lifestyles of consumers worldwide. Unlike other manufacturers, Ctomi has ownership of every part of the supply chain, selling direct to customers through select online portals across Asia.


Licensed Products

Health Supplements

CtoMi Astaxanthin Extra Strength Made in NZ
CtoMi Bilberry 17,000 Made in NZ
CtoMi Co-Q10 Enhanced Formulation Made in NZ
CtoMi Deer Placenta with Marine Collagen Made in NZ
CtoMi Ginkgo Biloba 6,000 Made in NZ
CtoMi Green Lipped Mussel 20,000 Made in NZ
CtoMi Lycopene with Zinc Made in NZ
CtoMi Propolis 7,000 Made in NZ
CtoMi Sheep Placenta 40,000 Made in NZ
CtoMi Soy Isoflavones 12,000 Made in NZ
CtoMi Vitex 2,500 Made in NZ

Skin Care

ENHANCE Breast Enhancement Cream Made in NZ
HEAL Manuka Honey Skin Repair Made in NZ
POWER Muscle Rub & Repair Cream Made in NZ
REFRESH Rejuvenating Eye Serum Made in NZ
RELIEVE Manuka and Lanolin Lip Balm Made in NZ
Lanolin Skin Cream Made in NZ

Body Wash

GENTLE Woman's Intimate Wash Made in NZ

Hair Care

NOURISH Restoration Conditioner Made in NZ
PROSPER Follicle Booster Serum Made in NZ
THRIVE Hair Growth Shampoo Made in NZ

Oral Care

PROPOLIS PROTECTION Natural Toothpaste Made in NZ
Kids Orange Tooth Gel Made in NZ
Kids Strawberry Tooth Gel Made in NZ
Fresh Mint Toothpaste Made in NZ
Propolis Toothpaste Made in NZ
Fresh Mint Mouthwash Made in NZ
Propolis Mouthwash Made in NZ

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What is the Fernmark?

What is the Fernmark?

This trademark symbol is the international symbol of New Zealand and represents a mark of trust to consumers around the globe.

Any product carrying this symbol has been issued a licence by the New Zealand government and demonstrates that the New Zealand business has met the eligibility criteria set by the FernMark Licence Programme.

A business must:

 Be a registered business within New Zealand

 Be compliant with all NZ laws and relevant regulations

 Be of good character and repute

 Have a substantial level of New Zealand ownership governance and full time employees

 Have been exporting for at least 12 months

 Demonstrate that each licensed product is either made, grown or designed in New Zealand.

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