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This trademark symbol is the international symbol of New Zealand and represents a mark of trust to our consumers around the globe. Learn more

Prolife Foods

FernMark Licence No. 100096

Mother Earth is owned by Prolife Foods, a family owned business that has operated out of the Waikato since 1984. Mother Earth's philosophy is to source the freshest ingredients to bring you and your family the most delicious food. Our products are GM free and contain no artificial colours or flavours, nature at it's most delicious!

Prolife Foods

Licensed Products


Chocolate Blocks Made in NZ
Fudge Made in NZ
Chocolate Almonds Made in NZ
Chocolate Clusters Made in NZ
Gifting Chocolates Made in NZ
Souvenir Box Made in NZ
Baking Chocolate Made in NZ
Dutch Cocoa Powder Made in NZ


Baked Oaty Slice Made in NZ
Fruit Filled Baked Dough Made in NZ
Fruit and Veg Filled Baked Dough Made in NZ
Breakfast Snacks Made in NZ
Snacks Made in NZ
Spreads Made in NZ


Muesli Bars Made in NZ


Manuka Honey Made in NZ
Manuka Honey Lozenges Made in NZ

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What is the Fernmark?

What is the Fernmark?

This trademark symbol is the international symbol of New Zealand and represents a mark of trust to consumers around the globe.

Any product carrying this symbol has been issued a licence by the New Zealand government and demonstrates that the New Zealand business has met the eligibility criteria set by the FernMark Licence Programme.

A business must:

 Be a registered business within New Zealand

 Be compliant with all NZ laws and relevant regulations

 Be of good character and repute

 Have a substantial level of New Zealand ownership governance and full time employees

 Have been exporting for at least 12 months

 Demonstrate that each licensed product is either made, grown or designed in New Zealand.

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